Oasis Covid-19 Policy

At Oasis Nail Spa on Magnolia, safety practices have always been our first priority from the very beginning of our opening date12 years ago and still implementing them. With this recent epidemic, we have taken extra measures and regulations provided by the CDC, the Los Angeles County Health Department and Cal OSHA, and we want to reassure our clients that we are doing everything possible to keep you and our staff safe.

When we designed our “Signature Copper Bowls” we had in mind the health benefits, safety factors, and the unique anti-bacterial properties that copper provides in eliminating bacteria within 20 seconds, and opened our salon with the concept of providing a peaceful, therapeutic atmosphere while minimizing our use of chemicals which makes us stand out above most salons.

To demonstrate our dedication to keeping you safe and comfortable we have provided a brief list of some of the safety measures we have in place:

Following the State Regulations

Covid 19 Alert

We are following the California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Hospital grade standards

Covid 19 Alert

All instruments are 100% sterilized by hospital grade standards and using the CDC guidelines in the use of the Autoclave system.

Sanitizing areas and equipment

Covid 19 Alert

Pedicure and manicure bowls are lined with plastic liners. All of our stations are thoroughly sanitized after each client use. Files, buffers, and other materials are disposed after each client.

Staff health and precautions

Covid 19 Alert

Our staff participates in a mandated body temperature check before work, they are required to wear masks, face guards, and gloves at all times while working.

Staff training

Covid 19 Alert

Our staff has received training on all safety practices and have been recertified in the use of Barbicide.

Plexi-glass barriers

Covid 19 Alert

We have installed plexi-glass barriers between our clients and nail technicians.

Social distancing

Covid 19 Alert

We practice social distancing for clients in our services and waiting areas, at least 6 ft apart.

Clients checklist

Covid 19 Alert

All clients are to fill out a covid19 questionnaire form, temperatures are taken, and masks are to be worn while inside salon.

Hand sanitizers and disinfected spray

Covid 19 Alert

We have placed hand sanitizers and disinfected spray in various locations throughout the salon for easy access.

HEPA air purifying systems

Covid 19 Alert

We have installed several HEPA air purifying systems throughout the salon.